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DIY glass block installation

Glass blocks are a very common building material in modern interiors, which now, one might say, is experiencing a second birth. Suppose you need to perform an unnecessary partition of glass blocks, and in order to save on construction work, they decided to do everything on their own. Glass blocks are quite specific material, therefore, in order not to spoil the result, it is necessary to resort to several simple rules.

The glass block happens with both smooth and a relief surface, the first of them is covered with a special protective film during the production process. This film has certain functions – protection of the glass block during transportation, protection during unloading and storage, and, most importantly, but often forgotten – protection directly when performing work. Blocks are laid on an ordinary cement-sand mortar, in which the sand, the main forming, can easily scratch the surface of the block during the construction of the partition. That is why the film should be removed only after the completion of all repair work, t. e. After masonry, grouting of the seams and wiping the finished partition. Otherwise, the small scratches formed in the process of masonry will be filled with dust and dirt over time, becoming noticeable and completely unaesthetic.

The glass block is a material that is not applicable for the construction of the load -bearing walls, it is used only for partitions and panoramic glazing. If we draw an analogy with bricks, building blocks of different stripes, then our version clearly loses to its competitors in strength. The glass block is fragile, made of glass and hollow inside, which also does not add strength. Therefore, when laying a massive large partition, it is not worth masonry more than three to four rows at a time. Plus, the edges of the glass block are smooth, with a large load from the overlying masonry, the blocks can “story”, the wall will turn out to be uneven. The conclusion should be as follows-lay out the partition in several approaches, in three or four receptions. For the same reason (smooth edges of the blocks), it is worth reinforcing massive structures, the reinforcement is laid in special grooves along the faces of the blocks.

We hope our useful tips will help you with your own hands when installing glass blocks, and the result will not disappoint you.

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