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DIY plastic windows seals

For each repair, windows are replaced. Plastic windows and doors are now popular, which are quickly mounted, they are inexpensive and easily and for a long time are exploited. Metal -plastic windows solve many problems – they have good sound insulation, retain heat and do not miss draft. Service for windows

The most important element of any window structure is the seal. It is he who provides the density and tightness of the fit of the window skeletons to the frame (window box). The principle of operation of sealing elements differs depending on the type of window system on which it is established. But their main purpose is to protect the window from blowing and freezing, as well as from street noise. Sometimes they mistakenly believe that the seals protect the windows from the formation of condensate, but this is not so.

Condensate is formed as a result of increased humidity in the room and accumulates (condenses) on its coldest part – the window.

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