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Do -it -yourself repair

The very concept of “apartment renovation” causes a thrill and, to a certain extent, a slight shock, when the realization of the volume of work, the cost of building materials, understanding the closeness of the future fuss and the waste of nerve cells come. To protect you from the latter (as the proverb says – “The most expensive consumable in repair is nerve cells”) We will sign a kind of instruction, following which you can slightly facilitate your life and conduct current repair work.

The first stage – it is necessary to understand what you want to see as a result of the repairs performed. One of the typical errors is when the customer does not know what he wants, or when his decisions change every week and the performers have to redo the work performed. As a rule, such a repair is very expensive, and the result becomes completely different from what it was represented. Therefore, at the initial stage, decide what style of the interior you need, understand what materials you like, pick up pictures with visualization, make an approximate arrangement of sockets, switches, lamps on the plans of the apartment – all this will greatly facilitate your life, and the builders will be easier to understand everything And it is more pleasant to work with the customer who knows what he wants.

The second stage is the selection of repair specialists. This stage is no less important than the first, t. To. Even if you carry out the repair of the apartment with the most beautiful and modern materials, but at the same time use unskilled workers, the result will be deplorable. Look for recommendations, reviews of real people, and not the ones written on the Internet on the Contractor Visiter website. If you are afraid to work with unfamiliar masters, then break all the work into the stages (commissioning of communications, finishing work, finishing the premises) and pay these stages only in the case of a positively performed result.

The third stage – carrying out directly repair work. At this stage, you have to show organizational and creative skills in order not only to lead the process, but also to creatively solve the emerging issues in the contracting organization. Remember, there is no ideal repair, there are always pitfalls that pop up in the process of problems that need to be solved, and, desirable, in a short time and financially most painlessly as possible. Do not be afraid to show the initiative, do repairs with pleasure, and then the result will surely please you.

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