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Doors in our house

Entering the house, first of all, that is striking – this is the front door. Their appearance can tell a lot about the nature of the owners. They are strict or funny, business and practical or not very. I always want to achieve diversity in the house.

And the doors will help this. For example, in a spacious apartment you do not need to make all the doors the same. Or at least decorate them in different ways from each room. Wooden massive doors are more suitable for a room with leather or dark furniture. In a small apartment, they will take up a lot of space.

The door with glass inserts will be a very interesting solution. Warm tones of glass will decorate the entrance to the dining room or living room. Even in any ordinary standard door, glass can be replaced with stained glass. Or make a painting on the glass with special paints. For the kitchen, a door with a color or bright pattern is more suitable for the kitchen.

If a door with large glasses and a wooden layout that holds them, then you can decorate them in various ways. For example, replace some glasses in random order with colored inserts.

I always want to increase space and save more light. But, unfortunately, all the doors cannot be completely transparent. For example, the door to the bedroom or bathroom. But there is a way out. Any door where there are glass inserts can be made impenetrable by equipping it with an original curtain or blinds. In small apartments it is very convenient. For the same doors, you can make different curtains.

To save space in the apartment, it is best to install sliding doors. Do not rush to purchase a pretentious new door. Even an old door with glass or a new one with a transparent insert and a frame can always be made comfortable and original.

A massive pine door is an ideal solution for interior doors and not only

It’s hard to imagine a room without doors. It is the doors that call the hallmark of a particular room. In addition, this is one of the most striking and attractive details in any room. They not only fulfill their direct mission function, but also complement or even partially reveal the interior of the room.

Like many things in the house, it is desirable to purchase doors from environmentally friendly, strong and safe materials. Pine massif doors are the perfect solution for interior doors. They reunite the value of wood, as material, and give the premises a special charm.

Possessing excellent soundproofing properties, pine doors can be painted in completely different color solutions, made for different styles in the design of the interior of the room from classics to modern modern. A definite plus of doors from this type of wood is their affordable price, because for a fairly liberal cost you can purchase doors made of natural material, which is especially valuable in the modern world of synthetics and chemistry.

They are painted with high -quality paints and varnished, the pine -long massif doors will last a very long time and for many years will be able to resist the most diverse external factors of possible damage – from impact to burnout under direct sunlight.

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