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Drywall in the bathroom: installation and operation

The finishing of the bathroom involves perfectly even walls. Very often in modern apartments such walls are made with drywall help. And this is usually combined with the ceiling from the same material. It makes sense in the bathroom to make a ceiling from a moisture -resistant drywall, which does not dry out under the influence of moisture.

Hypsum plasterboard ceiling device in the bathroom

As mentioned above, the most common material for aligning the ceilings is drywall. It is better to use a moisture -resistant look in the bathroom. It, like traditional material, is produced in sheets of 1200 by 2500 mm, but it has a different color – these are turquoise sheets with increased resistance to moisture.

To arrange a ceiling in the bathroom, first you need to make a frame. It is always made in this room their metal profiles (if you use a tree, it will quickly become unusable from high humidity).

Stages of installation of the frame

Marking around the entire perimeter using the construction level. The line is necessary to maintain one level of gypsum cardboard ceiling.

Next, we fasten the profiles exactly along the line for special dowels.

After every 40-45 cm, we insert the rack profiles into the guides and fix it from metal screws (a special type of screw for working with metals).

As for suspensions, they are also attached to the rack profiles using self -tapping screws. Thus, you will give the structure greater strength. At this stage, we can say that the frame for the ceiling is ready.

A very important remark: at all stages of working with the frame, monitor the evenness of the structure relative to the planned lines.

Now the drywall itself is attached to the finished frame (using self -tapping screws). With the fasteners of sheets, make sure that there are no cross -shaped seams. It is not recommended to make the finish right away – the structure should stand within a few days. After 4-5 days, you can start finishing the ceiling from drywall in the bathroom.

It is practically no need to care for the ceiling made of drywall. In a few years, you can repaint it or re -stumper. Also make sure that drywall does not dry out – of course, it is moisture -resistant, but still over time it can absorb a small amount of moisture. During the operation of the ceiling, you can replace sheets with dry edges.

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