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Electric fireplace – functionality and decor

Electric fireplaces are increasingly mastering the hearts of residents of not only apartments in city houses, but also owners of country cottages or summer house houses. The explanation here is elementary – convenience, effectiveness, aesthetics. The main advantage of such a fireplace is the lack of the need to arrange chimneys. Electric energy provides its work.

Thanks to this, such fireplaces can be installed in any apartments that it will not be a violation of the norms and rules of operation of living space in apartment buildings.

The electric fireplace not only warms the air in the room, but also completely imitates the work of its solid fuel analogue. In some models, using the remote control, you can configure the modes: include sound accompaniment – cracking of firewood, regulate the dynamics of imitation of flame combustion.

In an artificial firebox there is a layout of burning firewood, and special optical projecting devices create the effect of swaying flames, which creates a truly cozy atmosphere.

Decorative or functional electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces can be functional, that is, they warm the air in the room. In this case, the power of such a device is calculated based on the volume of the heated room. But there are decorative analogues that only imitate flames and sound languages.

They are used in rooms with autonomous heating exclusively for decoration reasons. You can buy an electric fireplace that will fully meet all your needs. Any model differs not only in the highest quality, but also by an impressive original design that can complement any interior, harmoniously joining it.

The electric fireplace can be selected with the help of store specialists who will help you understand the fundamental differences between individual models. In a specialized store you can buy an electric fireplace, wood, bio -rock, as well as the necessary components. A wide range of products makes it possible to choose the model most suitable in parameters and design, and a convenient catalog allows you to make purchases, do not leave home or without leaving the workplace.

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