Electric warm floor

Electric warm floors have many pragmatic advantages. They create a comfortable atmosphere in the house, work effectively, do not spend energy in vain, do not glow in the interior, they do not require care. All this is of course true. But the main advantage of floor heating, as they say, is from a completely different opera. Warm floor adds major notes to monotonous everyday life, filling everyday routine life with pleasant sensations and warming pleasure.

First of all, heating the floor is the uniform spread of heat in the room. At the same time, as the heat moves from the floor surface to the ceiling, the temperature in the room smoothly decreases, unlike radiator heating, where it increases unevenly. So, for example, when using a cable heating system, the air in the room warms up as follows: at a level of 30-40 cm, the air warms up to a temperature of 24-26C, one meter from the floor covering 20-22C, and already closer to the ceiling 18-16C. The operation of the radiator battery occurs according to the reverse scheme. At the very surface, the temperature with grief in half reaches 18C, at two meters 24-26C, and in the ceiling area reaches all 30C. With such heating, not only discomfort is felt, but all kinds of diseases are also provoked, since convection air flows are formed from sharp temperature changes, due to which drafts appear.

Warm electric floor is mainly created for heating the cold flooring, such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. P. It also contacts other coatings, but only when creating certain conditions. The cable heating system consists of mats and heating cables. A thin film floor is also produced, related to the infrared heat source. The main element is a resistive cable. His core is made of a fireproof conductor with great resistance, due to which, during the current operation, the electrical transformation into thermal energy is converted. An important property of the cable is its linear power, t. e. Heat emission in watts required by one linear meter.

It should be remembered that if there is nowhere to go to heat, then the heater has every chance to burn out. It is much more dangerous when insulation begins to melt from the heat, as a result, as a rule, a current leak occurs. In other words, local overheating for electric floors is a fatal. But not everything is so sad. Modern manufacturers constantly improve their cable products, now the cable contains up to two protective layers. More modern products have multi -layer insulation. In addition to the internal and external insulating layer, they have a shielding metal braid that extinguishes the magnetic field. Isolation is available from refractory polymers, such as polyester, silicone, polyolefin t. P. For example, products with a silicone shell withstand the temperature up to 300C.

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