Emal PF-115. Use and properties

Currently, there are a lot of various paints and varnishes that are used to stain wood, metal and other surfaces. Today we would like to focus on one such composition – this is the enamel pf-

This type of paintwork can be used for both internal and external work. Emal PF-115 is perfectly “behaved” in the open air, is not afraid of precipitation and various natural influences, which can be classified as “aggressive”. That enamel is used to stain metal or wooden surfaces, which should be pre -primed by a special primer.

As experts say, the PF-115 enamel is much superior to other types of paintwork, for example, such as water-based or oil paint. This enamel will be much more persistent, strong and solid, and will also differ in durability and preserved for a long time with a beautiful appearance of the painted surface. Also, the PF-115 enamel can be of several types: glossy and matte, which gives a certain right of choice and provides the correct selection of paint so that it is competently combined with other surfaces in the interior.

Of course, buying any paint, including enamel PF-115, should be extremely different in excellent quality. If you do not want to spoil all the repair work, repaint the walls several times or “admire” the paint peeled in the sun, then it is better to take care of the acquisition of high -quality enamel in advance.

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