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Environmental repair of your home

As a rule, each of us spends a lot of time at home. It is important in any home coziness and safety. So, a component of any safety of the dwelling is the materials correctly selected from the point of vision of environmental cleanliness.

Parquet is considered to be the safest flooring for flooring. After all, as you know, wood is pure and natural material. However, its benefit significantly reduces the need to cover a layer of varnish. After all, varnishes distinguish harmful evaporation, acetone and other toxins that can irritate the mucous membranes, cause allergic reactions and disorders in the nervous system. Now many began to buy before repairing a metal box for a metal, it is not very expensive.

It is recommended to closely familiarize yourself with its composition before choosing a varnish, and choose the one that is less harmful. You should not save, because you can’t get health then, for any money.

As for ceramic tiles, it does not contain harmful substances in its composition, which again cannot be said about the klee with which it is attached. Here, as in the situation with parquet varnish, you must be careful with the composition.

The most optimal option for wall decoration will be paper wallpaper or any type of eco -barrel. Such wallpapers leave a layer of air between themselves and the wall and pass it well.

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