Facade decoration with siding: 3 types of material

Siding is a plastic panels that are used for exterior houses decoration. This type of material has many advantages, for example, it is resistant to negative environmental influences, it is easy to mount, it is environmentally friendly, does not lose color, has high reliability and durability. Siding is mounted on all types of surfaces and on buildings of any structure.

The technology for installing siding is a frame-chip, that is, at the beginning a frame is made, which is then sheathed. Siding panels are made of metal – aluminum or steel, as well as plastic. Aluminum siding – inexpensive, has light weight, durable. Compared to vinyl siding, it is more durable. A polymer coating is applied to such panels or paint.

Its installation compared to steel siding is easier, but when compared with Vinilov, it is more difficult. Metal siding are panels made from galvanized steel. They can be curly or smooth in shape. The universal panels of siding are often used, which can be mounted both in the horizontal and vertical direction. Compared to vinyl siding in the metallic, the following advantages are environmental friendliness, high strength, non -combustibility, resistance to strong temperature differences.

Vinyl siding goes in the form of profiled polyvinyl chloride panels. Its quality depends on the additives in vinyl. The main drawback of this type of siding is poor resistance to low temperatures. According to our portal, the posting is quickly and is simply mounted. It is attached on a metal or on a wooden crate or on the facade itself. The panels of overlapping are joined or using N-profile. For, so to speak, the completion of the design at the corners is used by accessories. The siding requires minimal care – washing with water.

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