Fastening of the arched corner

Arched corners are not only aesthetic decoration that will give a complete look to any repair. It is also an important element that is designed to ensure the strength and durability of structures that have smooth bends.

Arched corners are used to equalize any arched structure, even if it is with irregularities and flaws that were allowed during installation. They can be bent thanks to incisions that allow it to take an ideal even form, and at the same time maintain the necessary position.

The fixing of the arched angle is carried out very simply. You can choose a plastic or cork corner. The last option is the best for creating bending due to good elasticity.

You need to ensure that the surface where the arched angle will be attached is dry and clean, and did not crumble. She should not be with traces of fat and dust.

Create an arched angle of plastic. To do this, apply liquid nails from the inside and attach it to the surface of the wall. These works should be performed with accuracy and accuracy, since it will be much more difficult to correct the error. If you have no confidence that the angle has the form you need, it must be tried on, and in the future use the adhesive composition.

Instead of using liquid nails, you can use a sealant or ordinary nails to attach a heavy arched corner. However, you need to take into account that clogging should be carried out with caution in order to avoid the appearance of cracks and chips on a shiny surface.

Create an arched angle from a cork. To do this, mix the glue well and distribute it on two glued parts. Wait 20 minutes until the glue is absorbed. The surface should be well moistened, but not be adhesive to the touch. You need to apply a corner to the surface of the wall with accurate compliance with all bends, and press it. Observe accuracy, since it is almost impossible to change the glued material.

Also needs to be monitored so that there is no formation of air bubbles. Next, you need to hold the structure with one hand, and squeeze it with the help of a rubber hammer. The remnants of the glue that will perform must immediately be removed using a rag. For complete grasping the glue, you need up to one hour.

Arched corners from the cork differ from plastic ones in that they do not have coatings. They can be used almost always, due to the fact that the color and finish is selected by you independently in accordance with the color of the walls or wallpaper.

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