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Features of heating in a country house

Each person who creates a heating system in his country house wants to receive and then transfer heat to all residential premises. Today, any property owner has the possibility of an independent construction of a heating system.

However, first it is necessary to perform all the necessary calculations, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the home. We are talking about the area of ​​residential premises, the height of their ceilings. In addition, you should pay attention to thermal insulation characteristics.

After that, you can proceed to the acquisition of sources of the heating system, and the correct choice of their power is of great importance. It is also worth making all the necessary drawings that will greatly facilitate the independent installation of the heating system in their country house. It is worth noting that any heating in a private house provides for the presence of a heating boiler, which is the main part of the system. The fact is that fuel burns in boilers. Their modification and form can be very diverse. Currently, you can choose the most acceptable type of fuel, depending on which you need to choose a certain boiler. The most popular are electric, gas and solid fuel boilers.

Sometimes suburban houses are not in the immediate vicinity of gas lines, so the owners of such houses install electric boilers. The principle of their operation is practically no different from a similar gas equipment, when using such boilers, it must be understood that its functioning is possible only subject to the constant presence of high voltage.

After choosing a boiler, you must also choose good radiators. In this case, special attention should be paid to their power and size. A feature of good radiators is also the presence of balancing valves. The fact is that in this case the water passing through them is correctly consumed. It is also necessary to know that the material that was used in the manufacture of valves is much more important, and not their shape or appearance.

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