Finished wall coatings

Having embodied their general plans to reality after you make repairs, do not forget that the raw walls can spoil the entire view, let the sounds and dirty clothes. In order to prevent this from happening, wall decoration with various materials is used. In addition to protecting the surface from mechanical damage, from fire, moisture penetration and for improved sound insulation, wall coatings give the room a complete look.

Wallpaper, coloring, wooden panels – all this is banal and boring, so we will talk about unusual materials. PVC finishing and decorative films. They are sold in rolls, and their surface can be with embossing or smooth, glossy or matte, and a pattern can be applied to it. If you glue the walls with this material, then they can be done with wet cleaning, and an additional polyester layer will protect them from mechanical damage and give a shine.

An expensive and environmentally friendly material is made of cork oak bark – a cork panel. It consists of many closed honeycombs filled with air. In order for them to stay together, they are fastened with suberin, natural adhesive, and compressed.

Wooden panels can replace the veneer or bamboo wallpaper. These materials are attached to a wooden basis can decorate a fireplace room or a japanese -style tea -style room.

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