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Finishing in children: important nuances

A children’s room is a room, when repairing and decorating which it is not worth saving on finishing materials, nor on installation work, nor on decorative solutions. The correct finish in the nursery will serve as the basis of the fairy -tale world in which your child will live, your baby, mental balance, and even intellectual development will fully depend on its quality.

When performing finishing work in the nursery, you should get both patience and fantasies – such work does not tolerate haste and careless attitude.

Where to start the finish in the children’s room? Professional rooms for repairing premises recommend starting this process not with the removal of old finishing materials, but by drawing up a detailed plan of finishing work, which will be coordinated by the terms of the finish, and the color scheme will be selected and quality materials that will be used in the repair.

Having compiled a detailed plan and allowing all the related nuances of the future event, you can directly begin to decorate the children’s. Of course, such a delicate and technologically complex work should be offered to qualified masters, however, if your budget does not allow this, then all the work can be done on your own.

Having dismantled the old finishing materials and replacing the wiring, the work on the decoration of the nursery begins with the installation of ceiling coatings, which are quite suitable for both hinged ceilings from various materials and ordinary – using wallpaper or adhesive stoves from polystyrene foam.

When performing this work, do not forget to think through the room lighting system in advance – today it is not in fashion not suspended chandeliers that look rather inexpressive in modern interiors, and the system of lamps that are mounted in ceiling coatings and look quite pretty. Having dealt with the wiring, lighting and ceiling coating, you can start decorating walls and flooring in the children’s room.

It is customary to finish the walls of the children’s room with decorative wallpaper, which can give the room a certain topic. Try to choose washing wallpapers from which you can wash off the drawings of your young artists, which will largely extend the service life in the children’s.

Linoleum or carpet is ideal as a flooring, it is not recommended to use parquet – it will not last for a long time under the pressure of your disorder. Be that as it may, when decorating a children’s room, you should not forget about the safety of your child – all finishing materials should not contain toxic elements that can harm your baby.

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