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Finishing with Venetian plaster

After applying the final decorative coating, it will be necessary to allow it to dry for fifteen minutes, after which it will be possible to start a new stage of finishing events – polishing. This operation is carried out using smooth smoothing the working surface using the same trowel tightly pressed against the wall.

After the plaster dries completely (approximately 7 days after polishing), it will be possible to proceed with the operation of the surface of the surface of the coating. Wax coating must be applied with the same trowel, while the distribution of wax on the surface should be carried out by multidirectional insignificant strokes. Wax will also need to be applied with a thin layer, otherwise in some places with a thick coating after grasping, dark spots may begin to appear.

After the wax coating is completely completely dry, it will be possible to begin to polish the prepared surface when using a special mittens from suede. The operation to polish the wax coating will consist in the tight pressing of the used mittens to the coating and performing circular smooth movements along the wall surface.

Professionals advise those who first encountered such operations before starting finishing work, to try this technology, for example, on a cardboard sheet.

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