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Finnish windows: features and advantages

In more and more, when glazing domestic apartments, you can find Finnish windows that not only look very expressive on the facade of the building, but also perfectly save from the frost and perfectly tolerate the summer heat. Thanks to the window blocks and the design of the design, the Finnish windows have established themselves from the best side.

Finnish windows are usually made of natural wood or double glued beam using a special heat -saving technology, so you don’t have to worry about comfort and warmth in your house.

The Finnish windows are a design that includes a double set of sash, one of which is installed double -glazed window, and sheet glass is installed in the other. The sash is connected using accessories and opened in a horizontal plane, although there are Finnish windows that open in vertical mode. For ventilation, small transcasses and windows are provided.

Typically, glasses are used in Finnish windows with a thickness of 4mm to 6 mm. Different thickness of the glass in the double -glazed window creates the best sound insulation of the structure. Also, various types of glasses can be installed in Finnish windows: armored, anti -shut -off, sunscreen, which significantly improve the beneficial characteristics of the window.

The designs of Finnish windows are constantly changing under the influence of the needs and preferences of customers, as well as international standards. There is no fixed thickness of the window of the window – it varies depending on the model model, so you can easily choose the most optimal option for your apartment or country house. According to the principle of action, the Finnish double window looks like a two -chamber double -glazed window, only has a greater distance between external and medium glass.

It is this factor that provides unsurpassed heat and sound insulation characteristics of Finnish windows that are unattainable when using a conventional two-chamber double-glazed window, which are still popular in our country.

Despite all their advantages, Finnish windows have some disadvantages. The main inconvenience of the Finnish window lies in its design: two sets of wings, which are interconnected using the elements of accessories, do not allow to fully realize the window opening in both planes. Of course, today manufacturers seek to please their client and you can already see the models of Finnish windows on sale, which can be opened in vertical mode, but they also lose in the comfort of using other varieties of window structures.

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