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Foam block in the construction of a country house

It is impossible not to notice how increased the pace of suburban construction since Soviet times, and since the time of perestroika, too. Thus, many materials appeared for the construction of houses of various complexity and operational purposes and one of them, which, incidentally, is the most running, we will consider in this article. Its name is foam block and it is intended for wall setting.

So, foam block is the material from which the masonry of different types of walls is carried out. The load -bearing walls and non -digesting walls, internal and external ones can be laid out from it – in a word, all the walls can be erected from this material, with the exception of the external walls of the basements, and they can be made if the waterproofing is made.

In addition, the foam block is used for the installation of partitions, for this purpose small blocks of blocks are available, which are laid with the device of the reinforcing zone every third row. If partitions are no longer than 3m and not higher than 3m, then the belt is not done.

The foam block in the construction of a country house as mentioned above is in special demand and not in casual: the material is very light, which allows you to save on the foundation, since it does not overload it; The material has amazing heat/soundproofing qualities, which are so relevant with modern heating prices; The material is dense and persistent in the example of the same shell.

However, as they say, there is the second side of the coin, and it is as follows: the foam block is toxic material (in its production, orthophosphoric acid is used, which is then eliminated from it for another 3-5 years); it is not strong enough to withstand the large weight of overlying structures; The design of the load -bearing walls is complicated from it, as it contains the device of concrete reinforcing belts, jumpers and columns.

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