French windows: features and advantages

In addition to standard and slightly fed plastic windows, you can also find quite exotic options on the domestic market, including French windows, which are wide panoramic structures to the floor, often performing the functions of the door.

A similar design of plastic or glued timber is made, double -glazed windows are used as glazing in the form of large square sections. It is France that is considered the birthplace of such a variety of windows, where such launch windows are very common.

The French window is attached on loops and can open inside the room and outward, which is somewhat unusual, but very convenient. As a rule, they open with the help of a handle, but in European structures, protruding latches or spinaglits are used to protect. Thanks to the wide area of ​​French windows, much more light and air penetrates the room than when using other varieties of windows. The effect of a visual increase in space is also created, which is very relevant for small rooms.

Despite the rather large area, the design of French windows allow you to combine all positive qualities in themselves – they have high thermal protection and soundproofing characteristics, Russian frosts are not afraid of them. It is for this reason that the windows from France are gaining more and more popularity in our country. In addition to their heat -shielding and soundproofing qualities, French windows also perform a decorative function. Due to its width and elegant design, rooms with such windows look very presentable.

As a rule, French windows are used for glazing of country houses and cottages. In the average Russian apartment, the use of such wide designs interferes with the layout, they are usually used in glazing loggias and balconies. Similar designs can be ordered according to an individual plan – modern equipment production equipment can easily cope with the given task.

If you are not satisfied with the thin double-glazed window of the French window for some reason, and you want to increase the level of sound insulation, then in this case it is recommended to order the production of the structure according to an individual project using several double-glazed windows-this window will last you several decades.

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