Fulfillment of a kitchen in the Hi-Tech style

A characteristic, up to a certain time, for offices High-tech style, has been increasingly used recently in the design of the kitchen. Distinguish this style of cold forms, urban details and clear lines. Metal and glass characteristic of high-tech materials, as a result of which objects are light and clear geometric lines. Also, the high-tech style is still inherent in the absence of a pronounced decor and proportionality.

If we talk about household appliances, then its strict proportions and a characteristic metallic brilliance will come in handy into the overall interior of the kitchen, executed in the high-tech style. As for the light, it is better for this style to give preference to a lamp with a light metal structure, as well as a glass ceiling. The main lamp can be supplemented by backlight, which is mounted in furniture. It is due to the play of light with a shiny metal surface that characteristic light effects are created.

High-tech furniture is quite directly reminiscent of the office, which is made of chrome metal or durable plastic. In such a kitchen, chairs broken down by leatherette will look perfect. The brilliant fittings and polished smooth surfaces are in perfect harmony with the general style. It is also important to choose dishes, the ideal material for which will be matte glass or faience. As for textiles, it is worth choosing from blinds or plain curtains.

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