Furniture repair without outside help

Furniture made of wood can be in excellent condition for many decades, and even centuries, if it is correctly looked after and make timely repair of all elements. So that your furniture is in order, conduct an annual inspection. It presented tips that will help you repair the furniture yourself, without outside help.

Technology and tool for repairing furniture

Prepare a drill, sandpaper, glue for wooden surfaces, as well as a rope and a syringe of plastic. Now let’s do a repair of a shook stool. As a rule, the cause is a weak connection of the spikes. It will be the most reliable if you analyze it, and remove the remains of the glue that are on the stud, and in the recess. Next, check if a dense compound is sufficient. Когда зазор стал слишком большой, то потребуется добавить к шипу пластинку из шпона. You must calculate the size so that the spike is a little difficult. After that, glue everything as it should, and tighten the stool with a rope. So that there is no trace of the tourniquet, pre-protect the legs with some kind of material, for example, rubber, so that the tourniquet does not leave prints.

It may be necessary to replace the spikes-nagels that provided the fortress of the compounds. You need to disassemble the connecting parts. You can extract the nagel in different ways. Either screw the screw into it, and get this screw with pliers, and with it the nagel. Or you will need a drill whose drill of the same diameter with this spike. New Nagel is placed in place pre -lubricated with wooden glue.

If you have an old chest of drawers, see what condition the boxes are in. When they are closed, the gap in the upper and lower part should not differ. Most likely, you will need to equalize the guides. You need to add plywood stripes to the rails, for this you need to use glue. But they should not be noticeable, so place them a little deeper into the chest of drawers. Thus, the front of the closed box will have a support of plywood stripes and will be able to look evenly.

It is not rare that the countertop is cracking if it is simply fixed with screws to the base of the frame. In this case, the screws can be replaced with shrinkage plates that are in the grooves. Then the countertop will be able to expand, or vice versa, it becomes less, without taking into account the features of the frame. As you already understand, it is not difficult to repair furniture yourself, it would be a desire!

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