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Generator – electric motor of the future

The era of the reign of oil has come to an end. She is replaced by environmentally friendly electrical technologies that are capable of, as soon as possible, revolutionary, change life on Earth. Unexpressed civilization attempts to create an economical and powerful car on an electric engine, have an almost hundred -year history.

A lot of technical problems, the main of which is now a small capacity of on -board electricity sources, did not allow the electric motor to win the centuries -old “Battle of Motors” with the internal combustion engine.

Automotive industry is not the only scope of this development. At the moment, about 70% of the energy consumption falls into electric motors. Small or large, they are found everywhere. In the fans of the computer, in the elevator, in the home electric drill, as well as in the electric train. With their help, rowing ships blades rotate, cargo lifting and dismantling of racks is carried out, which were used in the assembly of aircraft.

A real take -off in electrical engineering will be an energy -efficient asynchronous electric motor created in 2013. He must replace all asynchronous machines used in everyday life and industry. This development will create a massive electric car with double -tied missiles from one -time charging of batteries

It contains a technology that allows you to adjust the speed without reducing the moment. In addition, thanks to the new technology, losses in the entire machine halved doubled.

A planet without global warming and exhaust gases will soon become an embodied dream.

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