Glass blocks

Many remember the school walls made of green glass “cubes”, the window openings of industrial buildings from the same material, and hospital partitions. These are glass blocks- a fairly interesting building material made of transparent glass with a vacuum layer inside. For some time, the glass block, like a building materials, sunk into oblivion, but now it seems to be born again. Thanks to their decorative properties, glass blocks are widely used in modern interior design solutions – they are performed by translucent partitions, fill the openings and t. D. This material also has good soundproofing properties and low thermal conductivity, which determines some features of its application. Produce glass blocks of two thick glass plates, sleeping together with the formation of an internal vacuum. The surface of the blocks can be both smooth and corrugated. In shape, the block can be rectangular, square, triangular, round and corner. The thickness of the glass blocks is about 10 cm, the weight of one block reaches up to 5 kg, the standard dimensions of the square unit are 19cmx19smx8cm and 24cmx24smx12cm.

The main properties of glass blocks: natural materials in production (makes it possible to use it everywhere, including children’s premises); high operational indicators (reliable and durable material used in rooms with a humid mode of operation at elevated temperatures); excellent sound and thermal insulation indicators; non -combustible material that can withstand serious temperature effects and not crack; ease of installation of structures made of glass blocks; Easy in operation. Glass blocks effectively pass sunlight, scattering it, illuminating the room with even and comfortable light.

Glass blocks cannot be used as supporting structures, this is a fragile material. But he perfectly established himself in the partitions, hiding the room from excessive eyes with relief glass blocks, or creating panoramic glazing in the outer walls. They unload the space of the room, giving it a larger volume and increasing the space.

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