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Gluing clearances on a wooden surface

Wooden surfaces are connected firmly, without visible traces, when there is a correct arrangement of their planes. But when there are gaps, it is necessary to eliminate them. How to get rid of them correctly? You will need the following items. Chisel, pencil, chalk, rope, as well as glue for wooden surfaces.

We begin to properly glue the wooden surface

In the case when the gap is small, a chisel is used, and one glued part. The processing place can be shared by means of a soft pencil. Next, connect two parts, move them a little, and then we press them. The second part should maintain a bulge imprint. They are removed using a chisel, or with the tool that is more convenient for you to use. Thus, we adjust the defect in several approaches, since the print should be noticeable on the entire plane.

But it happens that the gap is quite large, over 0, 2 millimeters. In such a situation, glue paste is more suitable. In hot casein, or any carpentry glue, dry chalk is added in a sifted form. You can use the ash. The resulting adhesive mixture is applied to both one and the other surface. Now you need to wait five minutes and squeeze the details. To fix them in this position, use a regular rope. Now do not forget to remove excess glue, and wait for the results.

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