Groups of elements of accessories

Window fittings are a fairly important part of the window structure, of course, modern windows.

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In general, accessories are a rather complex mechanism, which consists of many different elements of both hidden and visible. In principle, all these elements can be divided into several main groups, into hinged mechanisms and loops, handles, locking mechanisms, including spinaglia, seals, fasteners, overlays, lining, connecting elements and plugs. In addition to the listed, there are several more groups.

Of the most important elements of window fittings, you can distinguish window pens, locking mechanisms, window seals and connecting elements.

Window handles are made of aluminum or from its various alloys. It is worth noting that more and more pens are made from PVC. Locking mechanisms are more complex structures than pens. Installation of special locking mechanisms is simply necessary if the family has small children, as there is always a threat of their fall through the window. Therefore, you need to install a special castle working from the key. Window seals provide tightness and are resistant to very harsh operating conditions. For their manufacture, synthetic rubber and thermolastoplast are used.

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