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Gypsum and a little of its history

Now, probably, every person knows what drywall is. With the help of this material, suspended ceilings, interior partitions are equipped and walls are aligned. The use of this material is economical in all respects, it does not cost much, does not require much time to prepare, and the process of its installation is not laborious.

The use of drywall is nothing more than dry construction, which is determined by the fact that materials with the content of liquids are not used in its process, such as plastering and masonry solutions. The simplicity and effectiveness of this technology has long been proven, this is evidenced by its popularity around the world.

As already clear, the main material for the manufacture of drywall is gypsum. This material has been used for a very long time. For the first time he began to be used in the construction direction in ancient Egypt, and even then people realized that gypsum has excellent characteristics. At that time it was used even to finish the interior of the pyramids and funeral chambers. But the modern name was given not by the Egyptians, but the Greeks, from their language it translates as a “boiling stone”. Gypsum spread thanks to the Romans.

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