Hand drill

One of the most popular electrical construction tools used by repair men is an electric or manual drill. If it is present on the farm, this is very good!

Drill is a complex electrical -type construction tool that performs a large number of functions and works. At the same time, the issue of buying a drill is also difficult, since today there are a lot of different types and purpose of electrical manual drills. Everyone here is not just confused, but at all does not want to buy a drill for himself! And therefore, experts recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the types of drills and information about them.

Firstly, it is necessary to estimate the type of work and its volume, in which the drill will be used. Next, you need to find out how the drill will be used, with what duration. After all, you yourself understand that in addition to direct drilling holes, the drill is also used in other works. For example, it is convenient to use it for mixing various semi -liquid and dry mixtures, for screwing screws and t. P. If you add grinding nozzles to the drill, then it will turn into a powerful grinding machine, which will not be inferior to an original analogue.

Then we determine with the load that the electric drill will withstand, as well as with the duration of its operation. These factors will directly affect the power of the drill and its motor.

So we approached the choice of a class of an electric tool – household or professional?

Professional electric construction tools are intended to a large extent for work, the performance of which is about 10 hours. Such a tool has more durable and wear -resistant spare parts and details, it has a greater cost and power, as well as a high degree of reliability.

Household tools are inferior to professional in all parameters. They have low cost, much lower performance, lower reliability class. The maximum operating time of the household tool is about 4 hours!

Features of drills

In stores are sold now:

Shock drills that are necessary to make holes in solid materials (concrete, brick, reinforced concrete, etc. P.). Such a drill is indispensable when you need to make a large number of holes in the wall!

The corner drill is usually used where you need to work at some angle, in hard -to -reach places.

Screwdriver – drill for twisting screws and screws.

We will tell you about the rest of the manual drills in our next articles.

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