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A completely new product that has no analogues in the market allows you to reduce the cost of the construction of the walls of the turnkey house and significantly reduce the time spent on construction and installation work.

This is a material produced in the form of blocks that have a groove system and reinforcement holes. Teplost is produced in different sizes, the width of the block varies from 300 to 400 mm. This difference depends on how thick a layer of carrier material is chosen and what thickness is the layer of insulation in this case. The buyer can choose the most suitable option for himself. The warmest, of course, a 400 millimeter block, it is also the most durable. But it would be the most logical to insulate such material in the Far North – it is so warm. The most popular goods in the latitudes of Moscow or St. Petersburg-300 mm wide unit.

The use of this building material makes the walls of your home truly unique. First of all, it is amazing heat efficiency. This wall is much warmer than any stone, brick or concrete wall lined with a facade, while having almost the same cost.

But let’s look at the cost of the block. Blocks are produced two sizes – ordinary and corner. Corner blocks are larger in size and it is more difficult to make them, so their price is slightly higher. But they need a relatively small amount to build a house, so this difference can be neglected.

The price of such blocks per cubic meter is exactly twice the price of a conventional aerated concrete. But the cost of a finished wall of aerated concrete blocks will come out the same if not more. Judge for yourself – in addition to the costs of the foam blocks yourself, you still have to spend on lining, a layer of insulation, fittings for masonry, a cement masonry mortar, and also pay for work – that’s what it will be easier to buy a thermal, and easily and easy to work yourself, because There is nothing complicated there. And the costs are small: the blocks themselves, glue for their gluing, paint for the facade plus a primer, well, pay for work if you have a lot of hardness over time.

Thus, we can conclude that the heat not only excellently thermal insulates your walls, but will also serve as a relatively cheap way to build a house.

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