Heating system selection nuances

During the repair of the heating system of a private house or a suburban cottage, as well as when installing it for the first time, it is worthwhile, first of all, to determine which scheme will be the most appropriate in this particular case. We recommend and get acquainted with all the necessary equipment. You also need to choose the most economical type of fuel or, as builders like to say, the type of coolant. Perhaps in your case it will be more appropriate to use firewood or electricity than gas or coal.

Only on the basis of all the data listed, you should already begin to design the above system of communications. We can also offer an option more profitable for you – to entrust the whole thing to professionals, indicating their requirements and wishes.

There is a fairly large selection of heating systems for a private house!

All systems are separated by the heat transfer method that is used in them, as well as by the type of fuel. We will not consider heating at home with stoves and fireplaces, and immediately note that the most popular heating system in Russia is a water heating system. The principle of their work is based on air heating in the premises of houses due to contact with the surfaces of radiators and pipes along which the coolant “goes”. As soon as the air heats up, it immediately rushes up, warming the rest of the space of the room. This, as experts say, is a real contact heating. It is especially effective in small rooms, but it must be borne in mind that it will be cool without a heating device in the room, therefore radiators are usually installed in apartments and houses in each of the rooms.

The choice of water heating design entirely depends on the number of storeys of the house and its overall size. For example, heating of a single and two-story house will fundamentally differ among themselves. Here, not only the design of the boilers varies, but also the location and design of the heating devices themselves.

If we consider houses located in the territory that has gasification, it is worth noting that it will be a preferred type of fuel here. And in almost all such houses, people install gas heating. Of course, in it the coolant is the same water (as in the case of water systems), but the boiler itself and all additional equipment will work on gas.

There are constantly disputes on the account of electric heating systems. In this case, there is actually no environmental pollution, and the installation of such a system is the easiest. But due to the very high cost of electricity and its regular disconnection, this type of heating is very disadvantageous for the most part of the population of our country. Typically, such systems are installed as additional (“warm floor”, electric heaters, etc. P.).

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