Heating systems for a country house

Currently, the construction of country houses for permanent residence is actively gaining momentum. It is in connection with this that more and more technological systems and equipment aimed at increasing the comfort and safety of our houses. One of the most important points in the engineering support of the house is heating. In order to live in a house all year round you can not do without a heating system.

This system includes many elements that provide it with reliable and high -quality work for a long life.

Before installing heating systems, their design is necessarily carried out, which takes into account all the nuances of the house as a whole and the heated room in particular. Then, in the course of construction, all heating systems are installed. For installation, use the work of only professional installers who can ensure the reliability and quality of all the work performed.

The basis of all heating systems is a boiler. Boilers are gas, electric, as well as using liquid or hard fuel. Gas is essentially generating heat and you need to choose what to use for this. Either burn fuel or heat with electricity. The most convenient is a gas boiler, t. To. This is a fairly cheap type of fuel. Perhaps the most inconvenient can be an electric boiler, t. To. To heat the boiler, a large voltage is necessary, with which there are often interruptions.

Perfect radiators for gas heating

Gas heating is one of the most popular methods for heating a house. Not only because it is widespread, but also because of convenience. A well -thought -out gas installation in combination with fireplace can provide an economic and convenient heat source. There are a number of companies on the market proposing to install gas heating, but before the final choice you should pay attention to several important issues.

When choosing a radiator, take on its thermal abilities, as well as what material it is made. The best material is copper, but aluminum is better to conduct heat. Even at the lowest water temperature in circulation, the installation works properly. This type of heaters is also energy efficient due to minor thermal inertia. This guarantees immediate response to automation signals, and thereby receiving significant energy savings (about 10% of gas consumption in the heating season).

Also, copper and aluminum ribs provide excellent heat dissipation and resistance to internal and external corrosion. High corrosion resistance is achieved by filling the object with simple water, without adding corrosion inhibitors.

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