Hidden wiring detector

When drilling concrete walls, there is always a chance of accidentally stumble upon reinforcement or on a wiring hidden in the wall. Surely many even experienced masters fell into such situations.

And the experience will not help here, it is not always possible to calculate the location of the hidden wiring by the location of sockets and switches. But for calm work, each master should have a hidden wiring detector in his arsenal in our arsenal. This tool is available, unpretentious and very useful in work, which ensured its high popularity among builders.

The hidden wiring detector is divided into several types that differ from each other by their purpose. There are reinforcement locators on sale that can determine not only the depth of the reinforcement, but also the diameter. In addition, there is a hidden wiring detector and a universal detector.

The detector of hidden wiring (it is also called an indicator of hidden wiring) is able to respond to any metal (copper, aluminum, etc. D.).

Universal detectors will help not only in the detection of hidden wiring, they also determine the reinforcement and wooden bars hidden under a layer of plaster, and also recognize the plastic.

Like all power tools, hidden wiring detectors are divided into professional appliances and domestic devices. Professional reinforcement locators include – these are expensive and accurate devices that are used in construction work. Also, instruments of the professional class are characterized by a greater depth of measurements and the presence of additional functions, they are able to localize the cable and distinguish magnetic metal from the non -magnetic.

When choosing a hidden wiring detector, you should, first of all, decide on the nature of the measurements produced, for example, if there is work in a room with thin walls, then it makes no sense to spend money on expensive professional equipment.

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