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High-tech interior

Before proceeding to transform your home and aiming at some of the styles, you need to find out for yourself what exactly the chosen style is. Hi-Tech is a combination of space, objects and light, as well as compliance with the principles of optimal proportions, as a result of which the room becomes a fantastic training ground for high technologies.

You can determine the room in the high-tech style if several conditions are respected:

The interior details are made in simple forms without curls (squares, circles,) mainly used strict straight lines;

Materials for furniture, these are mainly metal, glass and plastic. For example, the installation of a metal black table with a glass countertop, various metal racks, strokes for a TV of carbonate, steel chrome chairs;

Instead of a regular payment or bookcase in the room, it is more appropriate to place rack modules with open and closed compartments. A similar cabinet block can be made of high -quality plastic or specially colored wood;

The installation of any furniture, with the high-tech style, should be justified, otherwise there is a risk of unlawfully clutter up the room, and the technological style does not tolerate excesses;

One of the most important points in the high-tech interior is lighting. The light should proceed from several sources, that is, the lighting is decentralized, but to illuminate the entire area of ​​the room evenly. For this, spotlights made using the LED technology are good for this. The preferred shade is cold tones or purely white, sometimes green is relevant (a la computer of the past);

For the maximum effect, it is better to abandon the use of wallpaper, the walls can be painted with ordinary acrylic paint also cold tones.

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