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Houses under construction, how many still are venues for construction?

Housing construction is large, if not a huge pace. One of the most promising industries in the economy market, housing construction will not reduce its pace for a long time. And if he reduces, then not much. How long will it last? How many more territories will be for construction? Someone can say: “Russia is large, there are still a lot of land on which you can build”. But is it really so? In reality, the total sizes of the Earth are not at all as large as it seems at first.

The irrationality of buildings in terms of equal placement is due to the fact that at all times some land plots were considered more promising and had more demand than others. This can be said about both different territorial districts and about different streets of the city. In some cities (often capitals, economically promising cities), they build more, in other, less profitable places – less. This is due to the level of demand. Similarly, they build more willing on the central streets, since real estate is sold faster and more expensive there. Sites of territories with all amenities – shops, metro, bus parking, pharmacies, much better.

Few people take up housing construction in empty zones. Firstly, there are few people who want to live on the outskirts, if this is an office, then it is also more convenient for it to be in the center. Secondly, there is no finished electrical wiring nearby, you often need to be carried out again – sewage, electricity, etc. This requires large costs and is not profitable for the developer. The fact that more and more is being built is not taken into account, and the earth does not begin to grow.

Therefore, such cities are developing vertically. Not wanting to expand the city due to financial inconvenience associated with an increase in urban communications, construction companies increase its height. So appear in cities multi -storey buildings. In the same way, low -land countries, high -rise buildings, basements are the only way to grow residential and non -residential buildings. The alternative to this can only be the destruction of the old buildings and the construction in their place – the new buildings of St. Petersburg. But this is not enough in megacities, where demand increases every day.

Once Siberia was mastered from scratch, but now life there is no less prestigious than in many other cities. Perhaps the government will over time develop such projects aimed at involving the country and other, in vain forgotten regions.

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