How can you make repairs in a small kitchen

How to really use a small space of the kitchen? How to make it comfortable and attractive? These are sore questions for many who are unlucky with the number of kitchen meters. But there is nothing insoluble!

The first thing to think about is a convenient and rational layout. Only the necessary minimum of furniture, no clutter with “useful” things, the full use of walls and angles. The secrets of the master

And this article will already be final. Everyone knows that the last touch in all repairs is the furniture, which should meet the following requirements.

The last paragraph of the bishop is important when the space is limited in size: 220 cm on the front side and 160 cm left side side.

Immediately subtract household appliances. 50 cm gas stove. 60 cm refrigerator. 60 cm washing machine. 6 cm heating battery. It remains 104 cm and 100 cm – do what you want.

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