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How staining is carried out

If it is decided to paint any surface in the room, you must first prepare its preparation. First you need to see in what condition the base is located. When there is rust, the first thing is to cleanse it. After that, you need to degrease the surface completely. If you have an old and creaking sofa, do not rush to throw it away. Repair of sofas from professionals allows you to completely update the mechanism and upholstery of the sofa.

When very large height changes are observed, it is necessary to align. To perform it, use putty. After its layer dries, the base is covered with a layer of soil. Next, you can start bringing into a normal state of tools. They need to be cleaned of traces of old materials.

The paint prepared for the procedure should be constantly obsessed. Otherwise, active substances will settle to the bottom. You can stir with a nozzle, which is put on a drill. The tone of paint is determined depending on what effect the owner of the dwelling wants to achieve.

Of the tools in most cases, a brush and a roller are used. Usually they are used together because they complement each other well. Sometimes you can contact the use of a spray gun. It is especially useful if you need to paint the ceiling.

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