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How the metal -plastic windows and plastic windows differ?

Despite the fact that metal -plastic windows consist of plastic, they differ significantly from their plastic varieties. The main difference is that in the design of such a window a metal frame is used, built into the window profile – it is the metal frame that serves as the basis for the design of such a variety of windows.

At the same time, the outer side of the profile is completely plastic, like a regular plastic window, which allows not only to strengthen the structure, but also gives it to useful qualities.

The metal frame gives strength to the PVC profile, due to which metal-plastic structures differ favorably with their plastic counterparts-such structures are very popular in the construction of high-rise buildings, where it is almost impossible to do without metal-plastic windows due to wind on the upper floors. Among the advantages of metal -plastic structures, it should also be noted the durability, high stability and resistance of the external influences of the environment. In high -rise construction, metal -plastic windows are simply indispensable – only they can withstand the loads created by the wind on the upper floors of buildings.

Due to the fact that the metal -plastic varieties of the windows are reinforced with a galvanized steel profile – the process of manufacturing such structures is longer and laborious than that of simple plastic windows, which is also reflected at the price. Higher price is the only significant drawback of metal -plastic windows, but it is worth it – metal -plastic structures will last you for many years. Like plastic windows, metal -plastic windows of windows can be of various shapes, sizes and structures – you can also order the manufacture of structures on your own sketch.

When choosing between plastic and metal -plastic windows, you need to clearly determine your needs – if you live in a standard apartment, then plastic windows are quite suitable for you, and if in a country house, then in this case it is more advisable to choose metal -plastic. Among other things, metal -plastic windows are indispensable for glazing loggias and balconies, and are also best suited for the construction of the greenhouses – such designs are strong and do not require careful care.

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