How to arrange a “bulk roof”

There are different materials for waterproofing roofs. One of them is popularly called “bulk roof”. Here, waterproofing material is polymer mastics. In fact, the roof forms a layer of a polymer laid on a prepared surface. Fiberglass is used to strengthen mastic.

Such a coating has significant advantages. Its surface is homogeneous and has no seams. Low water permeability does not prevent mastics from passing water vapors well, so little is formed under the roof of condensate. Mastic remains elastic at any temperature fluctuations characteristic of the temperate climatic zone. In regions with harsh winter, this version of the roof is one of the most optimal. The coating is guaranteed to serve at least twenty years, without requiring great care for the care. Mastic is perfectly sticking to a variety of materials, whether it be concrete, metal, wood, brick, etc. P. Work with her is much less time -consuming than, say, when laying roofing material, especially if they are mechanized. There are many types of roofing mastics. Most often it is bitumen or its derivatives-bitumen-resin, bitumen-polymer. They are also divided into hot and cold. The former requires warming up to at least 160 degrees. Cold also heats up to 60-70 degrees if the air temperature during work is held below five degrees. If the air is warmer, then such mastics are not necessary to heat.

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