How to block the roof yourself

The old and leaky roof spoils the appearance of the house and accompanies the occurrence of a lot of problems. Constant repairs will require regular investments and waste of time. Therefore, we will give you some tips on how to block the roof on your own.

We will cover the roofing material, as it is affordable and popular among the people. Before starting work, it is necessary to make calculations. Based on the calculations, it is necessary to find out whether the supporting structure of the future roof will withstand the supporting structure. If not, then the structure should be strengthened. Now let’s do a crate. Boards for the crate should take the same in thickness, not 30 centimeters. In order for the roof to withstand heavy loads, the crate should be done without gaps. That is, lay boards in a dense one to each other. When the crate is ready, you can proceed to the flooring of the roofing material. If the roof has a steep roll, then two sheets of roofing material will be enough. And for a roof with gentle slopes, it is better to put three sheets to increase strength. It is better to connect the roofing material sheets with each other by bitumen mastic, since it is least susceptible to deformation from temperature changes.

Roofing material has been used to overlapping roofs since ancient times. Since it is easy to use and its cost is quite acceptable in relation to other materials.

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