How to calculate the cost of a window?

Having decided to replace the old windows, many are faced with the problem of calculating the cost of new window structures.

Of course, today large manufacturers of window structures can offer their customers a full range of services – including the calculation of the cost, which can be made on the manufacturer’s website, but smaller firms do not provide such opportunity to their potential customers. In most cases, by calculating the cost of the window is understood the cost of total work on the manufacture, delivery and installation of the window.

As a rule, for standard models of windows, prices are indicated – this information can be found on the websites of firms engaged in the production and installation of various varieties of windows. But if it is necessary to independently calculate the price of the manufacture and installation of windows by individual sizes and parameters, it is worth knowing several factors affecting the final cost of the window.

The cost of the window itself is made up of several parameters: varieties of the window (plastic, wooden, etc.), the size of the window, the number of accessories, the number of opening wings, the type of glass in the double -glazed window, the color of the profile. Also, the model and manufacturer have a great influence on the cost of the window.

The estimated order of the order can be found by phone from the consultant by telling him the size of the window opening, the type and design of the window itself. Today on many sites you can find special forms of calculation or the so -called calculator of the cost of window structures. The principle of their work is as follows: the client fills the field fields with the parameters of the window (size, type of glass, etc. D.) and receives the approximate order of the order. Often you can find additional points: the speed of work, the time and date of the installation, which also affect the price.

Among other things, additional elements and accessories such as window sills, ebbs, slopes, mosquito nets, etc. influence the cost of the window. Do not forget that the final price of an order for installing windows can only be calculated after measuring the window opening with a qualified measurer and coordination of all the nuances. The measurer’s call is simply necessary if for some reason you cannot measure the window opening yourself-without this it is impossible to make a window, nor its installation, or even more so to find out its preliminary value.

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