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How to choose a kitchen layout?

The correct layout of the kitchen space is the key to the fact that when cooking you will not experience discomfort. In the kitchen, unlike other rooms, a person is in constant movement. The hostess passes several times from washing to the stove, from the stove to the refrigerator and back. If access is difficult, then this can turn into a very serious problem. That is why when planning the kitchen space, you should carefully think over everything.

Professional designers when planning a kitchen use the “Triangle rule”, which is the compliance with the main functions: storage, cutting and cooking. It is these issues that should be worked out as efficiently as possible so that the process of creating culinary masterpieces is tireless and effective. To date, there are five options for arranging furniture in the kitchen, depending on what shape you have a room, choose a decision.

Linear kitchen is an ideal option for small space. All furniture here is installed along one wall in a straight line. It is more advisable to arrange the sink between the stove and the refrigerator, as well as the workplace. A convenient dining table is also not superfluous, it can be used not only for a meal, but also for cooking. With this version of the layout, the hostess will make much less body movements, will not experience inconvenience and discomfort.

If you have a square room, then the best option would be the corner kitchen, which is suitable for both small and large areas. Along the walls are cutting areas, and cabinets for storing kitchen utensils are hung over them. The dining area is located either in the middle or near the wall, there are also designer chairs, the online store will allow you to purchase them at attractive prices.

For those who are the owner of a large kitchen room, it is more advisable to use the P-shaped layout of furniture. In this case, it turns out not just a kitchen, but a whole dining room. All kitchen furniture is located along the walls in the form of the letter P, and in the middle there is a dining area. One of the popular layouts in large kitchens is the location of furniture in the form of an island. In this case, the layout provides for the presence in the center of the room of some element, most often it is a slab with a cutting table, sometimes a washing is installed.

There are a lot of options for arranging furniture, it all depends on the dimensions of the kitchen, your imagination and financial capabilities.

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