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How to choose a paint for a battery?

When choosing a paint for a battery, you need to know that you need to take a paint resistant to high temperature. It should be well suited for a metal surface and should have anti -corrosion properties.

You can buy the most ordinary paint and enamel, most of them withstand temperatures from sixty to ninety degrees. But you need to know that such a paint cannot approach any heating device. Such paint can only be approached by such batteries that are not too hot. If you take the central heating system of batteries rarely when more than eighty degrees can heat up. If you still paint such a battery, then it will be necessary to repaint it two times in a year, since the paint will become yellow and begins to crack. It is best to buy special paint for batteries. It is called heat -resistant. Such paint can approach absolutely any battery. Such paint dries very quickly and thanks to this you can turn on the heating in a short time after painting.

If you apply such funds correctly, then the paint will not crack and yellow, as well as in such paint there are special anti -corrosion elements. When buying paint, it is also better to read the composition, since alkyd paints have a very strong smell. In such a paint, each layer applied dries for about an hour.

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