How to cleanse linoleum yourself

Like all coatings, linoleum, over time, loses its original appearance. In order for this to happen as later as possible, it must be cleaned by observing some simple tips: the use of soap solution is the easiest way to clean linoleum. Only wash the surface very quickly so that after drying the soap does not damage the paint. After, the floors are wiped with a soft dry rag;

2.       To protect linoleum from erasure, linseed oil is applied to it, which is pre -boiled for 30 minutes. Oil is applied to the coating, waiting for drying and polished linoleum;

3.     Alternating hot and cold water when washing linoleum, while using a rag made of natural wool, you can achieve a good effect. After washing, linoleum is wiped dry, and then treated with milk;

4.       Effectively removes olifa pollution, after which it is recommended to wipe the floor with a silk rag. This procedure is carried out every three months;

5.     To remove complex spots (for example, from ink), it is necessary to use a pumice or sandpaper. Just do not triple the surface is too much so as not to damage linoleum. After cleansing, linoleum is treated with linseed oil;

6.       Fat spots on linoleum must be removed immediately (until the stain is frozen) with a liquid agent and a large amount of water;

7.       In order for linoleum to shine like new, a solution of wax and turpentine (1: 3) is used. You can also buy mastic and with its help polish linoleum;

8.       Do not use aggressive substances (kerosene, ammonia, gasoline, turpentine, alkaline soap and soda);

9.       Do not wash linoleum with dirty water and do not clean it with a brush with hard bristles;

10. Linoleum areas that are not lended to cleaning can be restored with special means. They update the coating. For recovery, you can use restorative wax;

eleven. It is not often recommended to carry out wet cleaning of linoleum, otherwise the frequent use of water helps to stick the dirt to the floor, which leads to the formation of complex spots. Better use dry cleaning using special tools.

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