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How to cleanse linoleum yourself

Each floor covering loses its beauty eventually. Linoleum must be cleaned and you can consider several ways to clean it. The most common way to clean linoleum is to use soap solution. Linoleum with soapy solution should be washed as quickly as possible, since when the soap dries, paint on linoleum can be damaged. After washing, with a soap solution, wipe the floor with a dry soft rag.

In order to protect linoleum, you can apply linseed oil to the floor to dry, Paul to polish it. To get a good effect, you need to wash the floors with a rag of natural wool. First you need to wash with warm water, and after cold water. After washing, the floor is wiped into dry. And after the floor, lubricate with milk, so that the floor shines. If linoleum is contaminated, dirt can be removed using olifa. But after this method you need to wipe the floor with a silk fabric.

In this way, linoleum cleaning can only be used once every three months. To remove difficult spots, you can use pumice or finely sandpaper. After that, wipe linoleum with linseed oil. In order for the greasy stain not to freeze it must immediately be removed with the help of a liquid agent and the use of a large amount of water.

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