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How to control the weather in the house?

An increase in the cost of energy and fuel, as well as the depletion of fuel resources leads to the fact that humanity is increasingly thinking about their savings.

In our country, this topic is especially acute: by the twentieth year of our century, Russia should reach the level of Europe and America and lower the energy intensity of domestic GDP by 40%. This is relevant for the whole country and, especially, for the north. And here is not as important industry as the residential sector.

There is already indicative experience of solving such a problem, for example, in Denmark. There, residents were obliged to install equipment in houses, which automatically regulates and takes into account heat in the room. As a result, today Denmark is in the first place in the efficiency of heat use.

And what do we have?

Our main headache is all buildings erected before 1990. Modern buildings of recent years have been consuming heat by 5 times less than they. The output is obvious: you need to repair the roofs, insulate the facades, put the corresponding windows and doors, insulate the basements. But only these measures will not save the entire situation, because there will be no less heat to be consumed. It’s just that the temperature will increase in the rooms and people will be forced to ventilate the premises so that the atmosphere in them remains comfortable.

The exit for our country is seen as follows: in each house there should be heat meters.

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