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How to create perfection for money? Dear apartment.

What is hidden behind these words? Everyone will invest their meaning, but the main thing is that an expensive apartment can only become from birth. No designer or architect can create the unique aura that is inherent in the apartment in which peace and comfort reigned from the beginning. Getting into such housing, anyone begins to feel and behave accordingly, completely perceiving the high style and convenience.

This apartment is located in the House of Modern Building, where all the necessary communications are provided for residents. The structure itself is located on the coast of Odessa, with windows going on a magnificent Black Sea. Around the house are English lawns, park, has its own garage and parking lot. This house from the very threshold solemnly and decorously meets its guests. So you wait for the sedate major in the doorway.

The apartment is designed in emerald, gray and pearl tones. High-tech, but not cold technical, but with notes of natural coolness and beauty. Everything here is designed in the same style, each room seems to flow into the next, with its soft and fuzzy forms creating airiness and lightness. Coolness, bliss … Glass matte doors of a light sea shade, framed by silver panels, do not serve as an obstacle, but rather a little transform and direct the created picture.

A fireplace is located in the living room. It is also made in the high-tech style with a sea wave, and the flames dancing in it seem to dissolve this block of ice that restrains them.

Air and light fill this house, street heat will not be able to penetrate here. In addition to excellent air conditioning, even the walls themselves here give coolness. Light pours from numerous windows and glass bayer. The sea and the sky open to our gaze, complementing the atmosphere of harmony and beauty.

In the evening, the apartment is transformed, it is flooded with warm daylight of halogen lamps. Solemnity of the apartment is added by the brilliance of the chandelier of the Venetian crystal. The clusters of cone -shaped lamps in the kitchen transform the space into a stalactite cave. The whole house, as it were, gently lulls their guests, who, of course, value comfort and know how to enjoy them.

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