How to decorate the kitchen with your own hands?

The kitchen is the place in the apartment where each of us spends most of our time while at home. Even when guests come, at some point they all gather in the kitchen, which means that the kitchen should be comfortable. The decoration of the kitchen begins with various shelves, and vases located on them with decorative plants, beautiful jars with seasonings and other delicious ones, and ends with the selection of curtains for the kitchen, decoration of curtains, tablecloths and napkins.

When decorating the kitchen, do not forget about saving space. After all, not everyone has a large spacious kitchen in the house, in most apartments the kitchen have an average area of ​​10 kV. meters. Savings of space is important that at least the whole family can comfortably accommodate in the kitchen, even better with a couple of guests.

Find in your kitchen and a place for dishes with fresh fruits and arrange it in a place where it will not interfere with the mistress for cooking, and at the same time everyone who enters the kitchen from time to time, the first thing will pay attention to fresh fruits And he wants to enjoy. Vitamins are useful for both children and adults. This is a delusion that vitamins interrupt appetite, apples, grapes, cherries and other fruits contain a lot of fluids, are very quickly absorbed by the body.

The decoration and decoration of the kitchen are also important for the mistress of the house, because it is much more pleasant to engage in cooking in a cozy room. This will motivate you for new culinary feats and cooking for your loved ones will bring you joy.

How to put tiles in the kitchen? By asking ourselves this question, we, first of all, think about putting tiles in the kitchen as much as possible. And the name of the whole tile in the kitchen has – kitchen apron. The answer to the question of how to put tiles in the kitchen is quite simple. Despite the fact that the masters for laying tiles in the kitchen are taken at high prices, this is primarily due to a small amount of work.

Will cope, if desired, can everyone. So, how to put tiles in the kitchen? First you need to determine the size of the kitchen itself, I mean the size of the kitchen furniture. Now, basically, kitchen furniture is made to order, so the parameters may differ from the standards.

Having a drawing in our hands, a plan of kitchen furniture, we can safely calculate the number of tiles for the kitchen. Questions about how much and how to put tiles in the kitchen remain less and less. At the bottom, where we fasten the countertop or put it strictly in the horizontal level of the emphasis. This is done so that our tiles do not slip to the floor when laying.

And now, standing in front of the wall tile prepared for laying tiles and thinking how to put tiles in the kitchen, know that there are several ways. The simplest and most harmless is when the tile goes under the countertop and under the hinged cabinets.

In my opinion, the main questions about how to put tiles in the kitchen are resolved. And one more advice, before starting repair, construction, design, decoration, think through your actions, read on the Internet who and how is this work, calculate the costs, and only after all this can be as they say in the pool with your head.

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