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How to ensure uninterrupted watering?

Each owner knows how important it is to provide reliable and uninterrupted watering for his garden, garden or even supply of water supply to the house. It is also nice to equip a good means of supplying water with fountain pumps for decorative landscape elements. In general, whatever one may say, and the pump is far from luxury, but rather a necessity.

The last few decades, people had absolute confidence that foreign manufacturers do quality, and you need to pay for it, but what to do, the mean then pays twice. This concerned absolutely everything that we use every day, but the situation has changed! Today, the domestic manufacturer is no different in quality from their foreign neighbors, at least, regarding the pumping household equipment, the difference is only in price.

After all, all these years we paid not only for quality, but also for the pumps to reach us from Italy or Germany. Now we have our own equipment and equipment, and buying a garden manufacturer does not mean to save on quality.

Different pumps for different purposes

The superficial pumps of the domestic manufacturer have an average water pressure interval from 30 to 60 meters, depending on power, while the depth can be up to 8 meters, and the water fence is up to 50 liters per minute. These characteristics are enough to ensure uninterrupted watering and water supply system in the house with water.

In any store, a consultant will help you choose the most optimal model based on needs and situations with sources. Circulation pumps are used in heating systems and will make it possible to use the entire heat resource of the boiler or columns as much as possible. Drainage water supply systems are as effective as possible for wells and, depending on the model, can serve from 100 to 250 liters.

But the most important advantage and real achievement of domestic manufacturers was that, following the example of foreign competitors, they ceased to neglect warranty and service. Today, everyone who purchased the pump for the house can receive qualification assistance in repair and maintenance, and this is a very pleasant moment.

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