How to equip a playground in the yard?

How to equip a playground in the yard? It is a pity, but not all houses are equipped with modern sites for children. If there is a desire and allows the area of ​​the courtyard, parents can invest small funds and build their own platform for children in their yard. It is important to correctly decide on the future place. It is desirable that the site under the site is very well visible, and that the area of ​​the territory allows you to place at least a minimum set of objects for active games of children in clean fresh air.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose a beautiful, even, well -visible, sufficient in a mars and year -round dry area for the site. Often you have to be content with any affordable territory.

How to equip a playground in the yard?

It is important, before taking up the construction of the area, to provide all the nuances in advance. You need to think about how rain or melt water will be collected. So that the coating serves longer, it is better to install a surface drainage of water around the perimeter of the site for children.

First of all, on the future area, a place is allocated under a small sandbox. For her, they dig a hole with a depth of 40-50 centimeters. Its bottom is covered with river pebbles or rubble in order to ensure the correct drainage. Klin is buried in the corners of the future sandbox for children. The sides of our sandbox are nailed to these wedges. Seats are placed flat – right on the sides of ordinary boards. After that, sifted sand is filled into a small sandbox (a small layer of 20-30 centimeters). So you will arrange your favorite place for the games of the guys – it is completely ready. You will need to only timely clean the sand Improver, which is installed in the drainage system. It needs to be cleaned of dirt or leaves from trees ..

The minimum set, which is desirable to install near its home (except the sandbox), includes a hill, horizontal bars and a swing. It is important to correctly place all these elements of the site for children (so that, playing, small children are safe, do not hit, and also do not interfere with each other).

Convenience and safety depends on the choice of the area of ​​the site for children. Especially in the process of conducting very mobile games. If you yourself decide to equip an area, it is better to consult with qualified specialists. They will check how drainage systems work near your home. They will also offer the best equipment and take into account the age of the children. They will help you choose the size of the area and take into account your financial capabilities.

It is better for older children to purchase a basketball ring. It is installed at a sufficient -height column made of wood. Will delight adolescents and a tennis table, which is installed on a flat and dense surface.

So, a little effort on the part of attentive parents – and young children already have something to be happy and what to do in the yard. Now you can start outdoor games with children in clean fresh air ..

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