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How to increase the area of ​​the house

According to Soviet times, the construction of private houses did not provide for two floors. Typical buildings were one -story, and the project was compiled for the whole street one. Only small deviations from the main layout were allowed. Now, designing the construction of the house, the owner can order at least five floors, if only the finances and soil on which the house will be located. Therefore, the owners of old buildings want to increase their territory. You can do this using the buildings of the attic. Each house has a attic room, so it can be transformed into an attic. The roof of the house will serve as the ceiling. The architectural structure will depend on the thickness of the walls and fortress of the foundation (after all, when building the house is built, the foundation was designed for one load). The rest depends on the material that will be used for insulation, decoration. Its strength, lightness, quality. By the way, an elite roof is often used now usually for cottages and penthouses.

It is necessary to carefully consider the coating and insulation of the roof so that the rain and snow do not fall into the attic. Decide what the attic will be: summer, winter. In accordance, with this decision, to carry out finishing work. Select the coating for the roof, fastening and installation of the drainage system.

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