How to install a fanchoil correctly?

The Chiller-Fan-Cool system is of great importance in the construction of various premises, especially commercials. High -quality installation plays a crucial role in the correct operation of this system. But it is worth paying attention to preliminary work.

Fancoyl designs are very diverse. However, the principle of operation, connection of pipelines, power supply and controls for all of them are quite similar. The first stage in the installation of Fancoil is the correct selection of a place for him. It depends on the device model. Next, its installation and fastening occurs directly.

After this, a strapping of Fancoil is necessary, during which the binding knot is attached to the device. Pipelines are also laid, with the help of which the coolant is submitted and removed. Pipelines are covered with thermal insulation.

The next stage is the installation of the drainage system. Choosing the place where the fanchool will be located, it is worth providing a way to remove condensate. Then the drainage system will not be difficult. It remains only to remember that on the entire path of drainage drainage it is necessary to withstand a continuous slope, the ratio of which is 1/100. With improper design of the drainage system, stagnant condensate zones can form.

The last stage is power supply. After it, the system is almost ready to launch. It remains only to check it for tightness while filling with its cooling liquid, as well as after filling. Discovered leaks must be eliminated, after which the check is again. After that, Fancoil is checked in all operating modes and tuned.

Fancoil installation is a responsible work that only people who have special professional skills should be performed. Non -compliance with this requirement can lead to various kinds of violations of the entire system. One of the most reliable options in this case is the conclusion of an agreement with the service of the seller of Fanchoils. Then the specialists of this company will qualitatively perform all work on commissioning the entire system.

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