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How to insulate a loggia or balcony

The simplest and cheapest method to warm a loggia or a balcony is cold glazing. Metal -plastic, wooden, aluminum glazed structures that can be rotary or sliding can protect from rain, snow and other bad things.

The second way to make a balcony or a warmth of warmth is warm glazing. For this, a fairly large amount of money for glazing will be needed, as well as for warming materials. Heat insulation has a number of advantages: it reduces noise, makes the area of ​​the apartment more, protects the apartment from street dust, makes the appearance of the building better and most importantly the apartment becomes a warmth of twenty -five percent.

It is necessary to do waterproofing work. It is necessary to seal seams and install the tint. If the structure is quite high, you need to put an enhancing profile. If the large length, then the thermal compensator should be installed.

If the railing of the balcony has become old, then you need to replace them, it is advisable to install a sandwich panel. It is better not to use the lining, as it usually suffers from gusts of wind. You must not forget that the floor and roof should also be insulated. It is better to entrust all work to competent specialists.

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